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Ohio State Athletic Compliance Booster Guide  

Buckeye Boosters, Inc. is a non-profit, fundraising organization which has been in existence since 1960.  Our contributions, exceeding over $3.2 million, benefit and enhance academics and athletics at The Ohio State University. We offer and conduct football away game and bowl game tours along with other special events each season for our members.

Membership in the Buckeye Boosters

Membership in the Buckeye Boosters is $100 per year. You do not need to be an alumnus of Ohio State, simply a fan. As a member you are eligible to purchase space for any of the fundraising events we offer. From time to time,  we offer away basketball tours (Invitational and/or Final Four, CBS Sports Classic)  when ticket availability and time permits.

To become a member, simply click the above highlighted link or mail a $100 check made payable to Buckeye Boosters, 921 Chatham Lane, Suite 301-F, Columbus, Ohio, USA, 43221, along with a completed membership application, please take time to read the OSU Athletics Compliance Booster Guide.  For additional membership information see our Membership Details page.

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Published on  January 15th, 2021